Whether your business is at an office, school, gym, or clinic, find the answers here to live better, and do business better. We provide solutions for both a healthier and cleaner working environment as well as solutions to accommodate smokers and non smokers.


The center of all business. Offices are where your people, clients, productions and deadlines are all met; and all of equal importance. Time off from sick personal, downtime on equipment maintenance, wasted heating/cooling and energy, bad indoor air quality, and overall well being of your team are challenges all business face that put on a strain on their economy and workflow. Look here what solutions we have for you and what many businesses are choosing today!

Recognize these challenges?

Bad air quality

From bad smells coming from the outdoors, to “still”, stuffy air that is either too hot or too cold makes work uncomfortable and reduces production.

Safety and time

Smokers must sometimes travel down many flights in office buildings just to have a break, which is very time consuming. There’s also the safety risk of people smoking in restricted areas.


Bad air quality can increase the spread of colds and flu, increasing the absentees of employees; while dust and pollen can cause allergies and asthma.

Poor ventilation

Most offices have antiquated ventilation systems that don’t clean the air; They just shuffle the unclean air from one part of the office to the other.

We have solutions for you

Most of our clients and partners who work in offices have at one time coped with these symptoms and more, because of poor indoor air. Finally, they discovered a real solution. All of our air filtration systems utilise our award winning, patented technology which cleans your air from impurities, contaminants, and viruses. Our ceiling and floor models also leave a fresh, and neutral scented environment.

Another popular product in office buildings is our smoke cabins, which solve the issues of safety of where to smoke, pollution and cleanliness. Besides that, it also give non smokers and smokers a place to safely socialize together. In high rise buildings, it also cuts down on smoke breaks, because your people don’t have to travel far to light up. Visit our products page to learn more about our smoking cabins and how they can fit into your space and budget.

Benefits with having QleanAir solutions

Accomodating Subtext
Accommodate both smokers and non smokers to enjoy breaks together in a clean air environment. No more stuffy, or smelly areas.
Less dusting Subtext
Offices and showrooms will need less cleaning because dust wont settle so easily on surfaces.
Lower energy costs Subtext
Heating/cooling bills may lesson significantly because of the smart distribution of air flow.
More productive team Subtext
Clean, pure air; free from contaminants will keep your personnel more alert, productive, and significantly reduce sick days due to colds and allergies.

Where we make a difference today

Hear what others have to say

"We’ve eliminated all the smells and got clean air even though we only had our air cleaner set at half speed."

Jonas Jonsson
CEO, Initiativ, Stockholm, Sweden


Initiativ is an event agency that drives development in project management, production and procurement of events.


An office located in a congested area of the city with outside air pollution and unsavory smells from the outside garbage bins interrupting their work indoors.


Initiativ went with a slightly larger model air cleaner from QleanAir. They chose the AirQlean Low™ 115. It has now eliminated all odors indoor and gives them clean air even when it’s set at half speed.

Products that purify the air

Check out our whole range of air cleaners and smoke-free solutions, and see which are right for you.

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