Why choose QleanAir Scandinavia?

At QleanAir, we have worked hard to establish our reputation as leaders in indoor air quality for business and industry; and we work even harder to maintain that reputation – with complete turnkey solutions that ensure we add value you can measure, through improved equipment performance, process quality, and employee health and wellbeing.

You know your business – we know your air!


Over twenty years experience and continuing development. Read our client testimonials and see their significant improvements in their working environment and processes.


QleanAir will help you assess your needs, and customise a clear plan that works for you; ensuring smart, cost-effective & proven solutions for your business.


We develop products that minimise the environmental impact by using material that can be reused, recycled, and don’t produce any dangerous greenhouse gases (ozone-free).

Peace of mind

We deliver peace of mind

No matter whether you choose to buy or rent, we offer our scheduled preventive service on all of your QleanAir products. We keep track of actions done on the products in our system to retrieve information. By doing that we can evaluate preventive actions needed in the future to keep the products performing at highest standard. This service ensures that the products deliver at constant performance every minute, every day, over time.

Reliable at all times

QleanAir Scandinavia delivers cost efficient premium products and we take on the responsibility of delivering clean air to protect your people, products and processes allowing you to focus on your core business. This means that for the whole lifetime of your system, as long as you use it correctly and we do regular maintenance and service it will have full functionality. Our high commitment to clean air environments makes us proud and confident enough to offer you a Lifetime Guarantee.

The highest air quality you can get

To be sure that our technology really works according to our promises, we constantly test our systems. Our air purification system has been approved by several well-established, independent test institutes in many countries in terms of fire safety. This also includes the certification of our filtration of gases and particles. As a client you can be sure that the system delivers the the highest level of air quality possible at all time. 

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