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When your business invites the public to its establishments, it’s important to keep your guests and patrons safe, and satisfied. Poor indoor air quality can cause people to feel tired, over-heated, uncomfortable and irritable; not to mention not wanting to spend money. Great, public, indoor environments with ultra clean, fresh air provide a number of benefits to not only businesses, but to guests and the environment too.


Despite all the care and detail owners, managers, and the hard working staff put into their hotels, one of the biggest concerns and complaints by guests is commonly overlooked, which is a significant factor why hotels lose customers and don’t score higher on ratings. The core reason is poor indoor air quality. Our indoor air cleaners do more than just filter out air. They capture airborne contaminants, which includes odors, dust, hair, smoke, allergens, viruses and bacteria.

Recognize these challenges?

Poor ventilation

Common ventilation systems are poor, antiquated systems with clogged filters that spit out contaminated air, full of mites, particles, viruses, hair, dust, allergens, mold, etc.

Dust and dirt

Most hotels have carpets and rugs which are dust and odor collectors. Every time someone walks on them, the dust particles and allergens get kicked up and expelled back into the air.

Polluted entrances

Cigarette butts scattered outside, around your entrance are unattractive to most guests, especially non smokers.


Smoke, perfume, stale air, musty carpets and disinfectants can infect your guests’ and employees’ senses by irritating their eyes, nasal passages and cause allergic reactions.

We have solutions for you

Top ranked hotels will tell you, the best way to get higher ratings amongst guests are, "cleanliness and service". These hotels pride themselves on not only being surface clean and smelling clean too, but "air clean" too. Peoples’ sense of smell is directly correlated to how we perceive and experience an environment. A big advantage is that many of these hotels have our air cleaning systems.

Your guests will notice and enjoy a better, safer stay, while your staff will not have to clean as much, due to dust not commonly settling on surfaces. Besides a neutral, non scented, and safer environment, your business can also save money on energy costs due to our filters’, “smart airflow”, which helps regulate air temperature evenly, so you don't have all the heat at the ceiling and all the cooler air at the floor.

To accommodate smoking guests, patrons and employees, we also offer our popular smoking cabin solutions, which come in different sizes and models, depending on your specific needs and placement.

Benefits with having QleanAir solutions

Higher rankings and referrals Subtext
Travellers today use services like Trip Advisor to look for hotels’ best ratings and deals. Having our clean air solutions can give you a significantly increased chance at getting a higher rating for your hotel along with better reviews and referrals.
Cost effective Subtext
Save on energy costs due to our “smart airflow” system on our air cleaning systems.
Cleaning time reduced Subtext
Because most dust will get captured by our air filtration units, dust won't settle so easily, reducing cleaning time. Not only will your hotel will look cleaner, it will actually be cleaner.
Healthier work environment Subtext
Along with your guests, your staff will not be as susceptible to catching colds or infections from airborne viruses, keeping their sick days fewer; because a full staff is a less stressed staff.

Where we make a difference today

Products that purify the air

Check out our whole range of air cleaners and smoke-free solutions, and see which are right for you.

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