Public spaces

When your business invites the public to its establishments, it’s important to keep your guests and patrons safe, and satisfied. Poor indoor air quality can cause people to feel tired, over-heated, uncomfortable and irritable; not to mention not wanting to spend money. Great, public, indoor environments with ultra clean, fresh air provide a number of benefits to not only businesses, but to guests and the environment too.

Clinics / Waiting rooms

Clinics are susceptible to a plethora of airborne contaminants just by the nature of the amount of people met and type of people visiting every day. A cold, virus or flu can sweep through this area and infect you, your staff and patients in no time. Patients with weak immune systems are even more susceptible to catching infections and other types of sickness.

Recognize these challenges?

High costs

Poor ventilation and airflow keeps most of the heat at the ceiling and cool air at the floor, so clinics have to compensate by using more energy to regulate the area’s temperature.

Airborne particles

Pollen, smoke, dust, viruses and bacteria coming from outside, linger inside.

Spread of infections

Besides surfaces, airborne viruses and bacteria can infect patients; especially those with weak immune systems, like the sick, elderly, and babies.

Poor ventilation

Outdated ventilation systems don't clean the air. They just shuffle unclean air back and forth, spreading all types of contaminants that can affect the staff and visitors.

We have a solution for you

We offer safe solutions to these common challenges most clinics and waiting rooms acknowledge with our air cleaning, filtration systems. Depending on your needs, we have discreet ceiling models as well as mobile floor units. All of them have our patented technology that cleans your indoor air from contaminants, plus allows the clean air to utilize a “smart airflow” which can save on heating/cooling bills. Most importantly though, the airborne contaminants captured by our HEPA filters will result in a significant decline in the spread of infections.

Benefits with having QleanAir solutions

Cleaner environment Subtext
Contamination of others from airborne infections and viruses is drastically lowered. Our air cleaning filtration systems trap airborne particles and contaminants and release pure, clean air.
Allergy free zone Subtext
Airborne allergy sufferers will be relieved from their symptoms when they are in a clean air environment. No matter how bad the pollen or pollutions is outside, inside your clinic will be a clean, neutral environment.
Decreased spending Subtext
Our air filtration systems utilize a smart airflow which stabilizes room temperatures, so there’s no wasted heat or cooling in those areas.
Reduced dusting Subtext
Because the air is being cleaned, dust doesn’t settle on surfaces so easily, reducing cleaning time, and efficiency.

Where we make a difference today

Products that purify the air

Check out our whole range of air cleaners and smoke-free solutions, and see which are right for you.

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