Public spaces

When your business invites the public to its establishments, it’s important to keep your guests and patrons safe, and satisfied. Poor indoor air quality can cause people to feel tired, over-heated, uncomfortable and irritable; not to mention not wanting to spend money. Great, public, indoor environments with ultra clean, fresh air provide a number of benefits to not only businesses, but to guests and the environment too.


When people travel, they can be stressed for a number of reasons; anxiety over flying, running late, thinking about business, anxious to get home or start vacation, security phobias, etc. Add on top of that your guests who are having nicotine withdrawal and it makes for an unpleasant environment for them and those around them. Why not ease your smoking patrons’ tensions by offering a solution to allow them to smoke in a safe environment indoors, without disrupting non smokers at all.

Recognize these challenges?

Safety issues

Guests stressed from nicotine withdrawal are known to cause issues like going going back and forth through security control, smoking in restricted areas, and separating themselves from traveling colleagues, friends or family to go far to smoke.

Polluted entrances

People view entrances littered with cigarette butts as unsanitary and unattractive. There’s also the issue of entrance patrons inhaling secondhand smoke from others smoking freely into the outdoor environment.

Lack of efficiency

Employees taking unnecessary, longer breaks because the time they need to travel to find an unrestricted smoking area.

Revenue potential

Guests stressing to find a place to smoke and the time traveling there and back miss out on enjoying shopping and dining experiences at your airport.

We have a solution for you

Our cabin solutions give freedom to smokers and non smokers by giving them the chance to stay close by; close enough for conversation without affecting anyone by passive smoke. Odors are instantly eliminated and the leftover cigarette butts are safely disposed of in our specially designed, ash handling receptacle.

Take a look at the different models we offer, utilizing the latest technology and slim lined design to give your airport a step above others. Happy visitors are returning visitors.

Benefits with having QleanAir solutions

Cleaner environment Subtext
It is better for the environment to smoke in our smoking cabins that trap all pollutants, than smoking outside, which affects not only the environment, but also others outside near smokers.
Safe solution Subtext
A smoke cabin lowers the risk of people smoking in restricted areas and allows them to smoke nearby in an eco friendly, fireproof, safe environment.
Shorter breaks Subtext
Patrons, visitors, and employees can take shorter breaks by going to a close-by, smoking cabin than stressing to find an unrestricted exit to go out and smoke. This makes the staff more efficient at doing their jobs.
Higher revenue Subtext
Smokers and non smokers don’t have to leave each other in order for the smoker to take a needed break. Visitors remaining in the area they should be in have more time to shop and dine.

Where we make a difference today

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