Smoke Free – S-Line Smoking Cabins

The safest Smoking cabin on the market The S-Line is the first smoking cabin in the world to meet the highest demands in fire safety, according to DIN standards. Our smoking cabins are now first in the world to be allowed along certain emergency exits and escape routes.

The S-Line guarantees 100% smoke free and odorless environments. An effective eliminator of passive smoking. With aluminum frame and hardened glass this smoking cabin is ideally placed in locations with high safety standards. These models have a capacity for 5-7, 10-15 and 20-30 regular smokers

Additional options for S-Line

  • Safety Glass - Units specially designed for harsh environments
  • Sliding door - Optional feature to meet special needs and local regulations

Technical specifications

Height 2066 mm
Width 1477 mm
Depth 785 mm
Height 2066 mm
Width 1941 mm
Depth 785 mm
Height 1066 mm
Width 2593 mm
Depth 1137 mm

Smoke Free Smoking Cabins

Cost savings and risk reduction with QleanAir smoking cabins. Thanks to the smoking cabin major savings can be made when smoke breaks are shortened, use of premises is optimised and energy costs are reduced. Also, the risk of cigarette ends starting fires on the premises is non-existent with our patented fireproof Ash Handling System.

  • Easy to install - completely free standing.
  • Self contained filter solution. No ventilation needed.
  • Guaranteed performance.

S-Line Smoking Cabins

The safest smoking cabin on the market with optional safety glass.

SF-Line Smoking Cabins

The versatile and modern
smoking solution

Large Smoking Cabins

The Forum and Square will handle many smokers at the same time