Smoking Lounge

QleanAir’s Smoking Lounge is a large, screened, smoking area where smokers can spend time without surroundings being affected by passive smoking. It is a ready for use, flexible module, delivered complete in a lounge format.

The Smoking Lounge uses QleanAir’s technology to capture, filter and clean the air before it is returned to the premises. The air cleaning makes it easy to place the lounge in surroundings where many people are in movement. The high filtration rate makes the atmosphere pleasant both inside and outside


  • Protects surroundings from passive smoking
  • Efficient air cleaning
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to move
  • Lifetime function guarantee with QleanAir's service
  • Includes two smoke cleaners (AirQlean High™) and two ash handling systems (QleanUp™)

Our unique fireproof ash handling system QleanUp™ handles the disposal of ash and cigarette ends. A valve solution keeps it airtight avoiding the smoke residue seen with traditional ashtrays.

Technical specifications

Smoking lounge
Width 3090 mm
Height 2585 mm*
Depth 2080 mm
Noise level
Energy saving mode < 35 dB (A)
Normal speed 48 –56 dB (A)
Cigarettes 12000 / service
Airflow 200 –1800 m3/h