AirQlean Slim™ – Smoking Room Concept

A high tech filtering system allows the AirQlean Slim™ to capture, clean and fully purify the air before recycling it back into the greater environment.

AirQlean Slim is the ideal choice for those looking to maximize the capturing and filtration of tobacco smoke in their smoking room or smoking areas. By integrating the ashhandlingsystem with the filter cabinet we encourage the smoker to get close to the capturing zone also makes the AirQlean Slim an ideal solution in smoking areas with limited space.

AirQlean Slim is a “all-in-one” combination of air filtration and ash handling in one product. It is based on our QleanAir cabin with the same air filtration efficiency. AirQlean Slim is floor standing and requires wall mounting.

  • Integrated fireproof ash handling system
  • Neat design for narrow smoking rooms
  • Instant capturing with high airspeed
  • High efficient gas and particle filter

This unit is a modern all-in-one Solution For Removing Smoke and Handling Cigarettes and Ash in Smoking Rooms.

* A ceiling height of at least 2300 mm is needed for assembly.

Technical specifications

AirQlean Slim™
Material Aluminum and MDF
Width 1087 mm
Height 2170 mm *
Depth 699 mm
Noise levels
Energy savings mode < 30 dB (A)
Normal speed < 40 dB (A)
Cigarettes 4500 / service
Airflow 1120 m3/h

Clean Air = Good for Business

In professional facilities, the capacity and efficiency of the installed ventilation is most often not enough to maintain a good and healthy indoor air quality. Dust and harmful particles generated in the facility or imported from outside can have a negative effect on people, products and processes.

Today, a great focus is placed on the quality and health effects of what we eat and drink. At QleanAir Scandinavia we believe this should also be the case for the air we breathe. During an average day, a person typically spends 80 % of their time indoors, consumes 1 kg of food, 2–3 kg of fluid and breathes 20–30 kg of air. Bad air quality affects the personnel's health and ability to perform.
Creating a cleaner environment throughout your business, removing polluted air, dust and harmful particles may also have positive effects on your sales; i.e., giving service sectors such as hotels, gyms and stores a clean impression and feel, which may be more appealing to clients and in some environments, also a unique selling point.
Clean air will allow for optimal ventilation, cutting down heating costs. Less airborn particles will cause less wear and tear on machine and equippment, allowing for less lighter or less frequent service maintanence. Clean air will simply increase your profits. Year after year.

Facility Solutions – Products

QleanAir FS 70

High capacity air cleaner
and purifier

AirQlean Low™

Floor standing air
filtration system

AirQlean High™

Ceiling mounted air
filtration system

Need to upgrade an existing smoking room?

The QleanAir filtration system cleans the air from cigarette smoke. Combined with our patented ash handling systems this will make a significant improvement of the air quality at your existing smoking facilities and in the surrounding areas.

AirQlean Slim

Air filter and ash handling solution


Ash handling system


Outdoor ash handling system

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