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Shipping / Offshore

Shipping companies face harsh international bans on smoking on their vessels. For safety and environmental reasons, smoking is not permitted on deck. Fire, along with health and safety regulations ban indoor smoking.

Recognize these challenges?

Foul smelling break rooms

Many break rooms are smelly and stained from smoke and nicotine. They also don’t advocate a relaxing or inviting environment for socializing.

Safety concerns

Doors that shouldn’t be opened are, people smoking where they shouldn’t, fire safety concerns, secondhand smoke, etc.


Non smoking employees on break are either burdened by being around secondhand smoke of their colleagues, or having to avoid certain break areas. Smokers are also inconvenienced by not being able to be social with non smokers during their breaks by going to unrestricted areas to smoke.


Standard, non regulated rooms get littered with ash, cigarette butts and seep out secondhand smoke to other areas.

We have a solution for you

We offer several models of our smoke free cabins to fit your needs and solve all these common issues, plus more. All are government certified, safe, easy to install and do not require outside ventilation. QleanAir smoke free cabins excel on safety and quality. Every cabinet passes fire proof and self extinguishable testing; Most notably though, the outside air quality is protected from the cigarette smoke by our advanced, patented filter technology.

Passenger vessels can provide another service for their high demand clients, because our smoke free stations engage smokers and non-smokers to freely socialize without discomfort. QleanAir has been solving problems associated with smoking in the workplace. A few forward thinking shipping companies saw how our solutions solved their smoking related issues and because of this, industry interest and demand boomed. Our smoke free cabins can now be found on hundreds of passenger and cargo vessels worldwide.

Benefits with having QleanAir solutions

Fireproof and safety Subtext
Controlled smoking in designated areas increases safety. Doors that should be closed stay closed, providing better protection. Fireproof handling of cigarette butts and ash reduce the risk of fire.
E-Z install Subtext
No connection to ventilation is required and smoking station can be moved as and when needed.
Protection for non smokers Subtext
Effective filtration provides protection against passive smoking.
Clean and fresh environment Subtext
Foul-smelling smoking rooms are now clean and inviting, as well as all other areas that utilise our smoking cabins that suck up all smoke and odors; while safely disposing of ashes and cigarette butts.

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