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Heavy industry

For businesses within heavy industry, like the automobile industry, appliance manufacturers, machine tool suppliers, and more, we know the challenges you face everyday because of poor indoor air as well as problems accommodating your non smoking and smoking workers. These issues can be a huge burden that interrupt your businesses’ already numerous and complex agendas. Take a look at our solutions that help protect your people, products and processes.

Smoking challenges

Safety concerns

Doors that shouldn’t be opened are, people smoking where they shouldn’t, fire safety concerns and secondhand smoke.

Lack of efficiency

Employees taking unnecessary, longer breaks because the time they need to travel to find an unrestricted smoking area.

Unhealthy break rooms

Many break rooms are non regulated, polluted, smelly and stained from smoke and nicotine; not conducive to a relaxing or social environment.


Having to either smoke in nonrestricted areas, or on the opposite end of the spectrum; having to ingest unsafe, secondhand smoke means there's no "safe", shared area for both smokers/non smokers to take breaks and socialize together.

Business challenges


Mandatory environmental regulations as well as sustainability can be expensive for manufacturing firms.

Downtime in production

A big challenge is being able to balance maintenance with throughput: Machinery needs to have maintenance often due to clogging and overheating caused by them sucking up dust, soot and other particles and debris in the air.

Health and safety

Most existing ventilation systems don’t clean the air. They just shuffle air particles from one place to the another. Most of the polluted air comes from the outside, byproducts from manufacturing, and soot and debris from cargo areas. This causes poor indoor air quality, making it difficult and unsafe to work and breathe in.

Unnecessary costs

Wasting money on energy costs because of poor airflow that helps regulate room temperature and operation (heat at ceiling, cool air by the floor).

We have solutions for you

QleanAir has developed technology and solutions specifically for your needs; to keep operating costs low, help future proof your business, and protect your people, products, and processes. Look at our compelling benefits businesses like yours receive from our smoking cabin solutions, and our air cleaning filtration systems. Our air cleaners capture all types air particles and contaminants in its environment and releases only pure, clean air. To find out more about these solutions, including technical specifications and models, visit our products page.

Benefits with having our smoking cabin solutions

Great on space Subtext
With our different, streamlined models of smoking cabins, you can save on space. All you need is a single plug socket and you’re up and running. They are also mobile, if you decide to change your surroundings.
Safe Subtext
Our smoking cabins suck up and trap smoke and odors, so they are not released into the environment. Our cabin solutions are also fireproof and have a specialized ash handling and cigarette butt disposal system.
Accommodating Subtext
Now smokers and non smokers can share the same area to take breaks and socialize.
Efficient Subtext
Employees don’t have to waste valuable time from traveling to unrestricted areas to smoke and take breaks. Staying closer to your work station = a more productive crew.

Benefits with having our air cleaning solutions

Future proof Subtext
An investment in our patented, air cleaning, filtration systems will help you always stay ahead of the latest mandatory regulations in safety and operation.
Healthier work environment Subtext
A cleaner, indoor air environment promotes well being with employees, allowing them to be more productive, with fewer absentees, and complaints about allergies and air quality. Healthy work environments hold on to employees longer too.
Lower operating costs Subtext
A smart air flow will help with distribution of ideal room temperature which correlates to lower energy bills as well as helping to stabilize certain manufacturing processes.
Processes streamlined Subtext
Unexpected downtime and maintenance outside of the preventative schedule is exponentially reduced. Your machinery will be functioning in a cleaner environment; not conducive to clogging from air particles and dust.

Hear what others have to say

"Now we bring smokers and non-smokers back together."

Horst Berndroth
Foreman and works council member
Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG (KMW)  


Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG (KMW) is a company whose main business is power generation and district heat production.


A few years ago a blanket ban on smoking was imposed in all power plant areas. This meant that an alternative had to be provided that allowed staff the option of smoking, as well as protecting their non-smoker colleagues from its effects.


The installation of a smoking cabin in the control room gave the staff who are not allowed to leave their station in the control room the option of smoking. A particularly pleasing observation is that non-smokers also go there to have a cup of coffee with the smokers, which brings smokers and non-smokers back together.

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