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Food industry

Whether you’re business is in food preparation or food production, cleanliness is a must. Poor indoor air quality is a significant factor on how safe your goods are, as well as how quickly they will spoil, resulting in unnecessary loses of profits. Regulations are becoming more stringent every day on the operations and processes within the food industry. These new regulations are meant to safeguard your products, protect the public, and to help your businesses avoid lawsuits.

Recognize these challenges?

Product quality issues

Poor indoor air can contain microscopic mold and fungus spores that can spoil food fast and diminish it's shelf life.

Production problems

Dust can prevent packages from sealing properly, which potentially exposes them to staleness or spoilage.

Bad air ventilation

Poor airflow at the facilities can create an uncomfortable working climate as well as increased energy costs.

Allergy symptoms

Airborne food allergens can mimic pollen allergies with workers, especially dealing with smoked foods and spices, as was well as exposure to the aerosolized form of the food, causing sore eyes and irritated airways.

We have a solution for you

We offer two types of solutions depending on your facility’s needs. The first type is our air cleaning, filtration systems for non regulated, indoor environments. All of our ceiling and floor mounted systems utilize our award winning, patented technology which captures airborne particles that contaminate your environment, and releases only pure, clean air. Common air contaminants that our air cleaners capture include viruses, bacteria, mold, airborne chemicals and aerosols, dust, mites/tiny insects, and hair; as well as, pollen and other airborne irritants.

Our other solution is our clean rooms, for processing facilities with higher demands and regulatory requirements for product and packaging in the industry. Our clean rooms are a turnkey solution that range in different sizes. See the products page for technical specifications as well as more product info and photos.

Benefits of using our air cleaning systems

Less problems with allergens Subtext
Employees and staff receive a better working environment without suffering from burning eyes or air passage ways.
Extended shelf life Subtext
Your foods and products will have a stronger potential to keep a longer, fresh food appearance and shelf life.
Improved product quality Subtext
Better sealing of packages, including eliminating issues due to spread of mold/fungus spores contaminating products.
Cost effective Subtext
Our systems utilize a smart airflow to regulate temperatures and reduce heating and cooling expenses.

Where we make a difference today

Hear what others have to say

”The service provision works perfectly and both smokers and non-smokers alike are positive in their response, particularly now that they can be together more.”

Hans-Olov Appelgren
Project leader, Arla Foods, Linköping, Sweden


Arla Foods is an international cooperative based in Aarhus, Denmark, and the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia.


When renovating the facility we also had to bear in mind the fact that some of our 450 employees were smokers. Going outside to smoke is not an option, because the staff wears hygienic clothing. This means that they can't leave the hygienic area without changing.


Today Arla Foods use several units from QleanAir Scandinavia, including a cabin solution in the break room inside the hygienic area.

Products that purify the air

Check out our whole range of air cleaners and smoke-free solutions, and see which are right for you.

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